War and Beauty

* Title: 金枝慾孽 / Gum Jee Yook Yip
* Episodes: 30
* Theme song: Bowie Lam

Fifteen years after Qing Emperor Jiaqing was crowned, the country appears to be in harmony. However, fights between the imperial concubines escalate. Beauty never lasts. All the imperial concubines, including the emperor's beloved Yu Fei (Sheren Tang), understand this and become nervous when the triennial imperial concubine election approaches. Yu Fei's position is threatened by an imperial descendant Yuk Ying (Gigi Lai), a powerful eunuch's adopted daughter Yee Shun (Charmaine Sheh) and an experienced imperial servant maid On Sin (Maggie Cheung Ho Yee). They are friends and enemies in the war for the emperor's love. Yee Shun later falls for imperial physician, Bak Yeung (Bowie Lam) who also stole the hearts of courtesan, Heung Fou (Patricia Liu), Lady Fuk (Jade Leung) as well as his lonely wife (Irene Wong) but Bak Yeung only has eyes for Yuk Ying, the woman who loved him the least. When she is still a palace maid, On Sin falls for imperial guard, Hung Mo (Moses Chan) but the later keeps his distance from her when she becomes a Lady, the emperor's woman. Hung Mo then finds companionship with the lonely Yu Fei, who has fallen out of power.


* Sheren Tang as Yu Yuet / Yu Fei
* Gigi Lai as Yuk Ying
* Charmaine Sheh as Yee Shun
* Maggie Cheung as Onn Sin
* Moses Chan as Houng Mou
* Bowie Lam as Sun Bak Yeung
* Jade Leung as Fook Nga
* Rebecca Chan as Empress
* Yu Yeung as Emperor Jiaqing
* Lo Hoi Pang as Eunuch Chui Man Tin
* Wong Tak Bun as Siu Luk Chi
* Chan Hung Lit as Suen Ching Wah
* June Chan as Suk Ling
* Chan Man Hei as Yun Kei
* Wai Ka Hung as Chan Song
* Maria Chan as Boh Sim
* Irene Wong as Suen Pak Yeung
* Patricia Liu as Heung Fou
* Cha Cha Chan as Dou Nga Yun Kei
* Iris Wong