A Change of Destiny

A Change of Destiny (Traditional Chinese:天机算) is a costume suspense drama series released and aired by TVB in 2007 starring Steven Ma, Benny Chan, Shirley Yeung and Selena Li. Steven Ma and Joel Chan sing the theme song of the series. It is about two young men having the same birthday but have both of them have a different life. Benny Chan is from a rich family while Steven Ma is poor and they both hope to change their destiny. The series consists of 20 episodes


* Steven Ma as Yuen Hei
* Benny Chan as Yip Yeung
* Shirley Yeung as Fok Yi Na
* Selena Li as Sum Yi
* Yuen Wah as Lee Sing Tin
* Mimi Lo as Princess Fei Fung
* Joel Chan as Siu Gok Wah
* Lau Kong as Nam Fong Man
* Rebecca Chan as Shirley's mother
* Kwok Fung as the Emporer
* Yu Yeung as Benny's father
* Helen Ma as Benny's mother
* Fong Yi Kei